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 The Honourable Souls Forum Index » Rants » My life sucks...
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:10 pm    Post subject: My life sucks...  Reply with quote  

Weaver of Misfortunes

Joined: 05 Mar 2006
Posts: 790
Location: silverdale washington

not completely a rant but, today i was failed out of the school i was attending for the navy, it was for Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor, aka SAMI.

the max score for the Navy Handgun Qaulification corse aka NHQC is 180 and what one must shoot to qaulify as marksman and remain in the class (marksman is the lowest qaulification) im normally a sharp shooter which is a score of 205+ and have shot expert 228+ on a few occations however, it was important for me to pass this school and the day of the gun shoot i juked myself out.

i became so nervious that i could barely even keep my damn gun straight long story short i managed to shoot 160 5 times... making the same marksmanship errors each time.

today i got sent to an Academic Review Bord (ARB) to determine if i would be retained and of corse i wasnt.

no for the other half, and i do hope i get a few readerrs beyond this point... perhaps i should make a seprate post /sigh.

the other day i visited vvakko's rant on women, finding the math logic pic that equates women to evil i found quite hillarious, i myself in no way being sexist but a fan of humor decided to share this pic with my father.

while my dad read it out loud i was laughing quite profusly and immediatly at the end, my dad turns around and goes into preach mode.

my dad is a super conservative christain but i didnt think he would go off on just that, given the fact that ive never had a proper girl friend and my anti social nature some of you might be able to guess that i take after a certain 40 year old named movie, weather my father knows that portion or not i can only guess but, the real point is i beileve he started jumping on my case because he thought that i have some kind of aversion to women or something.

i cant honestly remember how he said it but he was comming at me in a very offended tone and would not get off my back about how i should refelct on why i thought it was funny and what that means about me.

to get to the main point of the matter this isnt the only time my father has gone off on tagents like this where he assumes something then preaches to me about it.

like the time he called to tell my my sister was found passed out drunken in her car parked outside a 7 11 and then imediatly used it to start preaching to me about how i should not drink to get drunk or something of that sort. for any of you who may remember me ever saying something to this extent and for those of you who do not know me i dont like the taste of alcohol ive only been drunk a total of 10 times my entire life, and the navy ensures i get a speil about not drinking and driving or drinking responsibly every weekend to the point where i really get sick of hearing about it being a non drinker and all.

and by the way the fact that he immediately started preaching to me after telling me about my sister pissed me the F off, i was honestly concerned for half a second and then all of a sudden WTF??? further more i stayed on the phone out of respect for my father, even though i was tempted to hang up, and any atempt for me to try to mention the fact that i really have 0 problems with alchol he tried to use a guilt trip on me about how i should be concerned about my sister.

basically with this last deal with my father though minor he has pulled this many other times on me and i have started contemplating taking some extreme measures out of anger, things like changing my phone numbers and completly cutting ties off, its not that i hate my father but...

in any case any one have any suggestions about how i should confront my father about this? one thing i was considering was sending an e-mail after i get back home, since i suck at face to face confrontations any ways.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:27 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote  

Bird Basher

Joined: 17 Feb 2006
Posts: 2593
Location: Oceanside, CA

D: thing sure aren't going your way but ya. Sorry to hear about the school as I know the the pressure to make sure you pass your class and graduate. As for the father thing ya D: I'm the type of person that talks face to face.

Hey man >.> you in the Navy and from the pics look well enough to get some women ;o Also my father isn't such a case but my mother is. Being how you are more of an adult now I don't see why >.> with the preaching unless he was laying down some advice. I"m sure he is proud of you and loves ya.

So I would say just talking to him face to face about this would be the best bet imo.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:12 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote  

Weaver of Misfortunes

Joined: 05 Mar 2006
Posts: 790
Location: silverdale washington

have i ever posted my photo here before? and its not really an issue of weather im attractive or not, ill leave the rest of that discussion for another time.

the problem is my dad doesn't ever let me get a word in, i basically got to make him realize im not 10 years old, and that just by rejecting his idea doesn't mean im rebelling im twenty G D five years old soon to be twenty six, but in times past ive tried to talk to him i never get to the heart of the matter because he always steers the damn conversations, and i never been able to hoist the helm from him /sigh

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:07 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote  

Why hasn't Lucky asked for a title yet?

Joined: 14 Apr 2006
Posts: 491

Outch /comfort about the failed exam, can you retake the course next year if you really like that path or is there another path that you would like to try?

About your father, i have absolutely nothing i can say since i haven't found out how to talk to my parents about sensitive things, they always took the side of my sister even when they knew she was the evil one. Each time i tried to talk to them it was a nightmare. Only thing i can do at the moment is to avoid talking about sensitive subject and when one one comes and threatens to burst i just say : "Ok, lets stop it now before it derails" and we either change subject or go our separate way for a while.

Only thing i can say to you is do NOT do anything in anger, you will be sad about it. Take at least one good night of sleep to think it over even tho its hard to do while angry.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:18 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote  

The Duke of San d'Oria

Joined: 13 Feb 2006
Posts: 1193
Location: WI

Do you have another relative or family member that you can talk to about this ?

If you do, i'd suggesst talking to them first, as they may be able to give you advice or help you with being an itermediary talking to your father.

It sounds to me like your father cares about you, otherwise he would not be trying so hard to make you live your life the way he thinks you should.

Having a 3rd person there will also help you get your point across. A child trying to talk to a parent in this type of situation is always hard when they go it alone, no matter how old the child is the parent is older and therfore the logic is "i'm still older and so i have more life experience than you".

This sometimes leads to the parent forgettig they are still human and can just as easily make a wrong assumption or error in judgement, which unfortunately leads the parent to not realize maybe they are the one with the problem and then projecting thier issues onto thier children.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:48 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote  

Weaver of Misfortunes

Joined: 05 Mar 2006
Posts: 790
Location: silverdale washington

its possible i can retake the corse again in july but i gotta get my command to buy off sending me again, and honestly i dont think i want to go back to that school.

by doing so my command can extend me on board, and i have less then a year left on my current sea tour, provided no extentions i should be able to take on some shore duty soon, which i feel is a much needed reprive from this S$#%$# schedule ive been doing, in theory at least shore duty is a 7-4 job meaning i could finnaly find some stability.

not saying my father doesn't care for me but... its hard to explain it, like i said in the same damn sentence he went from telling of my own sisters plight to preaching about alcohol, meaning not only does my father not know me but also is terribly insensitive about his own daughter, during that whole phone conversation when i tried to polity get him to shut up he tried to guilt trip me by saying something to the extent of whether i was concerned for my sister when what he himself was saying had nothing to do with what my sister had done or how she was doing, or how much concern i had twards my sister, i was very tempted to hang up on him that time.

as far as family members i could talk to my sister nicole but she is away in oregon with her fiance and my sister roxanne is currently living with them due to having her license suspended (she was the one drunk in the car obviously) and due partially to her own actions a prisoner of my parents house, so confiding in her towards a positive resolution would not be best.

as far as other relatives, my dad is adopted, i dont know any of his adopted family other then my grandparents and my grandmother just died on mothers day... not that i was very close to any of my grand parents but, my dad basically cut off ties with my grandfather on my mothers side.

hmm how to say this, basically my grandfather knew my mother wasn't mentally fit to get married or raise kinds and at the time of divorce my grandfather said something to the extent of he shouldn't have married her and made her a mother. my dad took this as he should have never had me and my sisters and so i don't really know any one from my mother's side of the family.

yeah my mother has been in the mental hospital more times then i knew... its great to learn new things about your family isn't it?

only person i know in california atm who could moderate a conversation between me and my dad is my step mom, who im also not been on good terms from my side with, since my dad remarried his personality has changed alot for the worse in the eyes of me and my siblings.

also i dont think it would help to ask some one my fathers age to moderate honestly i have enough trouble talking face to face to people when it comes to these matters save in this kind of anonymous atmosphere, last time i had a moderated heart to heart was with my Super B$*( room mate that i had about... a year ago now, her moderator friend only served to cause me to clam up while she walked all over me, it was great she tried to claim she needed the moderator there to restrain her because she was so livid... yeah right, im two hundred pounds mostly muscle, then again if i did actually bring some one that i knew and trusted perhaps it could cause the opposite effect on my father but knowing myself i just cant imagine having a 3rd party would help.

sorry know everything im saying is just denying your suggestions, but i really do appreciate the input i think in the end im going to send my father an e-mail hopefully i can get the points across i mean to. i cant see anything i have to address to him as being taken light heatedly though.

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